Work Log 2016

Feb 1
  Walk up about 500m along the northern side of Chandlers Track. (map)
Feb 8  Along both sides of Outlook Track from the junction with Tyson Track. Along Ramu Avenue for about 200m either side of the junction with Outlook Track. (map)
Feb 15  Start from the Olivebank Road gate, walk along both sides of Himalaya Track (mislabeled Hatherly Grove by Google Map), working mostly on the boundary area between Rona Street and Birdwood Avenue. (map)
Feb 22  Drive up to the area where Macedon Track meets Ramu Avenue. Work around that area. (map)
Feb 29, Mar 7, Mar 14  Work in the gully about 100m east of the southern end of The Boulevard track. (map)
Mar 21 Worked in the area bounded by Ladys Walk, Walbundry Avenue and The Boulevard. (map)
Mar 28, Apr 4  Narrow area bounded by Walbundry Avenue, Ladys Walk and unnamed access track. (map)
Apr 18  Worked between Arbor Track and the houses nearby. (map)
Apr 25  Worked in the gully off Arbor Track. (map)
May 2  Worked in the small area located in the sharp bend of Mont Albert Road as it joins Heath Avenue and the adjacent area of the park to the east. (map)
May 9  Short working bee off Crete Track, beside the gully. (map)
May 16  Worked in the area bound by the gully, Mountain Highway, Outlook Track and houses. (map)
May 23  Worked on the hill bound by Hilltop Crescent, Government Road and Bayview Crescent (map)
May 30, Jun 6  Worked in old house site off Walbundry Avenue. (map)
Jun 13  Worked in an area off Himalaya Track, from the gate to the gully, and then back towards the track. (map)
July 4  Work in the area between Blind Creek and Stoney Rise Track, above Himalaya Track. (map)
July 11  Same area as last week, but moved up Stoney Rise Track to Macedon Track and back to the Olivebank Road gate.
July 18  Worked in the open area north of Ramu Avenue between Outlook and Lyrebird Tracks. (map)
July 25  Covered the area south of Bayview Crescent between Crete Track and Government Road. (map)
Aug 8  Walked up Chandlers Track on the east side from the Hansen Road gate. Stopped at the clearing midway along Chandlers Track. (map)
Aug 15  Removed ivy and weeds along Mountain Highway, the turntable, and weeded in some areas between Alamein and Tobruk Tracks. (map)
Aug 29  Removed an infestation of spider plant north of Chandlers Track opposite the clearing. (map)
Sep 5, Sep 19  Continue weeding spider plants from beside Chandlers Track. Proceeded partly to the clearing to the south. (map)
Sep 26, Oct 10, Oct 17  Forest forget-me-not removal from off Chandlers Track near the summit of the hill. (map)
Oct 24  Worked east of Outlook Track, starting from the junction with View Track and moving about 500m south (map).
Oct 31  Removing broom and angled onion along the Mountain Highway between the Alamein Track gate and the bus turntable. (map)
Nov 7  Back to the clearing off Chandlers Track, removing angled onion and spider plants. (map)
Nov 21  Patrolling down from the clearing off Chandlers Track, in the area between it and Philippa Road, towards the gate facing Hansen Road. (map)
Nov 28  Working in the area west of Himalaya Track, from the junction with Feather Track all the way almost to the gully in the south. (map)
Dec 12  Walked the length of Tobruk Track, from the junction with Outlook Track to the gate on the Mountain Highway. (map)
Dec 19  Weed removal at the top of the hill along Ramu Avenue. (map)