Celebrating 25 years of service to the community

The Chandlers Hill Parkcare Group's 25th anniversary celebration with friends.

The Chandlers Hill Parkcare Group’s 25th anniversary celebration with friends.

I belong to a group of dedicated people who goes out every Monday morning to remove environmental weeds from the nearby Dandenong Ranges National Park. Our working area covers about 1,000 hectares of the southern part of the park, bordering on the suburbs of Ferntree Gully, Boronia and The Basin.

Today we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of the formation of this group. Parks Victoria is organising a picnic in the national park for our group. We’ve invited former members of the group, friends and well-wishers to this event.

This part of the national park is looking good. After 25 years, and the removal of many thousands of weed plants, perhaps that shouldn’t be surprising. Our work is neverending, however, because weeds continue to invade the park from neighbouring suburban gardens, carried here by wind, animals, people and even vehicles. Plus the lingering remnant plants from former house sites now long gone.

Today the weather was good. Everyone had a good time, just enjoying the convivial company and the fresh air. A good time to be alive…

For more photos of this event, go here. An article about our anniversary in the November issue of the Victorian Environment Friends Network newsletter, here.

Here is a link to a video about the oldest surviving member of our group.


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