The battle with environmental weeds

Sweet Pittosporum

Sweet Pittosporum trees growing along a street near my house. This tree is a major invasive weed in the nearby national park.

I belong to a group of crazy people who goes into a national park to remove environmental weeds. We cover an area slightly over 1,000 hectares. Weeds spread into the park from the surrounding suburban gardens, from abandoned house sites within the park, and from illegal rubbish dumping.

Weeds spreading from surrounding suburbs into the national park is a constant source of annoyance to us. The most invasive is a tree called Pittosporum undulatum, or sweet pittosporum, an Australian native prized for its sweet-smelling flowers and shady habit. BUT it does not belong in my local national park!

The local city council does offer cash payments for removal of weed trees, but there is very little publicity about it. Apathy and inaction abound. It’s heart-breaking to spend years removing pittosporum trees from the national park, only to find them growing profusely along the streets in my neighbourhood.

I think it’s time for a concerted campaign to rid the suburbs surrounding the national park of this highly invasive weed. Any ideas, anyone?


2 thoughts on “The battle with environmental weeds

  1. lynne

    Thanks for bringing this up Swee. What if we make a flyer outing key problems with pittosporums as well as the way to get help removing plus source donation plant for replacement. Start small and just target houses 2 streets out from park.

    1. Swee

      Yes, I was thinking along those lines as well. I was thinking of printing out G4W application forms as well, because it seems you have to join to be eligible for grants to remove trees – that’s beancounters for you. Let’s make it as easy as possible to get rid of the trees, in case that’s one of the reasons why people still harbour pittosporums. I was hoping I could have someone along if I door knock – strength in numbers, that sort of thing.


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