The WA shark killing program

I was absolutely disgusted when the West Australian premier decided to start killing large sharks to protect people swimming in the water off the beaches of that state. I fail to see any logic in this move. Do we really have to kill all the dangerous animals on this planet so that we can be safe exploring what is also their habitat and home?

Do we even care that the great white shark is listed as “vulnerable” under the Australian Government’s Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999? And what is the federal environment minister thinking, allowing WA to go ahead with its plan to kill sharks.

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in Western Australia is holding a review of this culling policy. It’s asking for public views on the matter from 12th February until 20th February. If you want to make a submission, go here. And tell them why the policy is “environmentally unacceptable”.

If you want to sign petitions, just google “petition against WA shark cull” and show your outrage.


1 thought on “The WA shark killing program

  1. peter

    I’ve canceled my trip To Australia and will now go shark watching in South Africa instead, there they don’t kill these beautiful creatures…also their government doesn’t dump waste on coral reefs…my god Australia..what have you become, you used to be so easy going.


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