Of birds and environmental weeds in the garden

rosellaIt is true that some weed species in the Dandenong Ranges National Park (near my house) are spread there by animals, specifically birds which eat the fruits and then poop out the seeds in the bush.

I have cotoneaster trees in my garden, and this tree species has been found in the bushland in the national park. I’d removed many of them myself from the park. Right now, in summer, the crimson rosellas are having a feast eating the unripe cotoneaster fruits from my trees. The birds are very efficient, and I rarely ever see any ripe cotoneaster fruits in autumn on my trees. (They turn a bright red when ripe.)

They are eating the unripe fruits and dropping the seeds right into my garden. When there is a flock feeding it sounds like a shower in my garden. Here is the interesting observation: I’ve never actually seen any new cotoneaster plants sprout in my garden over the many years I’ve been here. I suspect the reason is because the fruits are not ripe and the seeds are therefore not viable. Perhaps someone should do a scientific research on this.


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