Life wasn’t meant to be easy…

CaptureAt least not when it comes to identifying that interesting plant I found during a walk in the bush. All the “official” botanical databases are still frozen in the past, with black-and-white line drawings and pictures of dried, misshapen plant specimens. Occasionally, there are tiny, badly processed photos which strain your eye just trying to make them out. Really! And plant descriptions are full of scientific jargon that ordinary folk wouldn’t know about. All I wanted was some nice, BIG pictures of plants.

There are people like me who are passionate about sharing pictures of plants in their neighbourhood. I’ve collected some of these websites and put them in the LINKS section of this blog. Check these out:

A website created by Colleen Miller
A picasaweb album created by David Francis

Now, all that needs to be done is for someone to collect all these nice, BIG pictures and put them into a botanical database. Australian National Botanic Gardens, are you listening?


1 thought on “Life wasn’t meant to be easy…

  1. Ken Griffiths

    As you may well know, the blue pin cushion is Brunonia australis. Named by the Linnean Society of London in 1809 to honor Robert Brown, of whom more should be spoken. I saw one in flower in late Nov last year near your patch at Chandlers Hill.


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