Is your garden ready for climate change?

desert plants
The thought occured to me that no one goes and waters the plants in a national park, and the plants there seem to survive for weeks without the rain.

Having just came back from a few years in the central desert of Australia, where plants go for months without the rain, I’m beginning to re-think the way my home garden should evolve.

Eventually I hope to never have to water my garden again.

Ways to get a drought-tolerant garden and dispense with watering:

1) Put mulch where it’s needed. Essential for newly introduced plants which are still building up their drought tolerance.

2) Plant groundcovers which will survive without watering. For me that’s mostly grass and succulents. šŸ™‚

3) Plant native plants indigenous to your area, especially the tough perennials. You know, the ones which are always green in the bush through the hottest and driest of summers.

4) Plant trees to provide shaded areas. Having shade can mean the difference between surviving a drought and dying for some plants, even native ones.

5) Put waste water from your shower or the washing machine into the vulnerable parts of your garden.

If you have other great ideas try them out. Nothing ventured nothing gained.


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